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Site map Online message. There are many NDT methods used in our steel pipings production. They have different characters for various usage. The most regular NDT methods are as follows:.

Penetrant solution is applied to pipe fittings or flanges cleaned surfaces. The liquid is pulled into cracks or defects by capillary action. Excess penetrant material is carefully cleaned from the surface. A developer is applied to pull the trapped penetrant material back to the surface where it is spread out and shows an indication. This indication is much easier to find than the crack or defect. A magnetic field is established in a pipe fitting made from ferromagnetic material.

The magnetic lines of force travel through, exit and reenter the material at the poles. Defects such as crack or voids cannot support as much flux, and force some of the flux outside of the part. Magnetic particles distributed over this pipe fitting will be attracted to areas of flux leakage and shows a visible indication.

When the quality checker use a transducer to send the high frequency sound waves to a pipe fitting or flange. The waves travel through the product and are received by the same transducer or another one.

The amount of energy transmitted or received and the time of the energy is received are analyzed to determine the presence of flaws. Changes in material thickness and properties could be measured too. The Eddy current testing is used a lot as the NDT method for seamless steel pipes. Alternating electrical current is passed through a steel pipe producing a magnetic field.

DRILL PIPE THREAD DIMENSION AND TYPE انابيب الحفر نوع السن وابعاده

When the pipe is placed closed to a conductive material, the changing magnetic field induces current flow in the pipe. These currents travel in closed loops and are called eddy currents. Eddy currents produce their own magnetic field that can be measured and used to find flaws. Our QC team use RT to check the quality of welded seam. They put the radiation source and detector on the two sides of the seam, and use X-ray to produce images of welded seam from film or other detector that is sensitive to radiation.

The thickness and density of the welded seam that X-rays must penetrate affects the amount of radiation reaching the detector. This variation in radiation produces an image on the detector that often shows internal features of the test seam. It is a important NDT Non-destructive testing method, similar with PT inspection,but it can only be used on ferromagnetic metals. The principle of Magnetic Particle testing is quite simple,the main concern is ensuring that the pipe fittings are adequate for the application.Our certified, professional inspectors thoroughly examine the tubular body, as well as connections and end areas.

ndt drill pipe inspection

We will also check for possible imperfections and wall loss in the tubular body with our state-of-the-art SLOFEC equipment. We inspect new and used drill tools and drill pipe using the latest techniques and top-of-the-line equipment. Our professional inspectors follow industry standard guidelines, are certified in accordance with industry specific standards and follow documented Standard Operating Procedures. Our inspectors will arrive on time with the right equipment and safety gear wherever your pipe is located In-plant, drilling rig location, and pipe yard.

Every report will include, when applicable, visual evidence of failures and repair recommendations while also archiving inspection data for future retrieval. Your historical data will be available upon request. Skip to content. Crestone NDT. To Menu. Crestone NDT is your best choice. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Inspection Services and Methods. We will be glad to mobilize for the full range of inspections. Category 1 through 5.Our non-destructive testing services provide the data you need to make meaningful decisions regarding your assets. By using the most reliable and advanced inspection technology available to us, we capable of reducing both repair costs and downtime.

Our inspectors will arrive on time with the right equipment and safety gear wherever your assets are located. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of safety and quality of work. We are also capable of deploying both to onshore and offshore wind turbine locations.

Skip to content. Providing conventional and advanced NDE services. Our Commitment to You. To Menu. Inspection Services.

What We Provide. API Tank Inspections. Drill Pipe Inspection.


Non-Destructive Testing. See all services. Only a select few companies in the world offer both conventional and advanced inspection techniques. Magnetic Flux Leakage. MFL is a magnetic method of nondestructive testing that is used to detect corrosion and pitting in steel structures, most commonly pipelines and storage tanks. More Info. Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current.Explore our success stories and see how our customers overcame their pipeline inspection challenges.

ndt drill pipe inspection

Ensuring the operational success of your project which delivers accurate and complete data every time. Why not explore our customer experiences and success stories to see how we overcame pipeline challenges.

Ensuring inspection projects go smoothly and delivering the precise data required is our utmost priority. The successful and safe transportation of mediums through pipelines, operators must consider the threats posed by crack and crack-like anomalies in their assets.

Inaccurate information regarding cracks can result in misguided action, or even pipeline failure. Undetected cracks can be detrimental to pipelines and can often compromise a pipeline's integrity. Typically orientated axially, operators identify such flaws as a frequent origin of line failures.

As part of an integrity management program, it is necessary for operators to have confidence in the robots inspecting their line to detect, size and locate such flaws before permanent damage occurs to an asset.

Our innovative Enhanced Sizing for UT crack inspections removes any depth sizing boundaries that previously existed for depths above 4 mm 0. By providing operators with the best data available, we help put them in a better position to manage their pipelines.

Due to a so-called corner reflection produced by this method, minor cracks anywhere from approximately 1 mm 0. Ultrasonic crack inspection enables early detection and sizing of cracks and crack-like irregularities. Such accurate information allows operators to take necessary measures to help avoid pipeline failures. Circumferential cracking defects can be addressed with ILI robots utilizing ultrasonic shear wave technology. Based on the individual pattern of the reflected signal algorithms, experienced data analysts can read and translate the information into flaw properties, e.

All of our crack detection robots employ ultrasonic technology UTwhich offers a complete and in-depth analysis of a pipe wall.

UT inspection is the most accurate and reliable ILI service available. Cracks and crack-like features can occur during pipe manufacture, pipeline construction or during operation.

Pipeline operators have to ensure a safe operation of pipelines during the entire lifespan of their asset. All work was performed in accordance with Statoil's specifications and to complete satisfaction. The data results were precise and reliable and perfectly reflected the pipeline conditions.

During the last years NDT Global has been an excellent cooperation partner for us in every respect. Precision and reliability are the cornerstones of their work. NDT Global showed a profound expertise and reliability. NDT Global impressed with their quality of service provided through their personnel as well as the outstanding performance of the inspection tool providing excellent data.

ndt drill pipe inspection

The final reports were delivered in due time and with excellent quality. Based on this experience and the good business relationship, we are happy to recommend NDT Global for the inline inspection services. NDT Global is a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and data analysis. A state-of-the-art inspection fleet provides the entire inline inspection service for onshore and offshore pipelines worldwide. The full range of services includes geometry and deformation inspection, metal loss and crack inspection and defect assessment.

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ndt drill pipe inspection

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