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Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 55 Vote s - 2. Reputation: SKype: Binhminh if it helpfull, hit thank and rep buttom. That's the new ECM calibration to protect the engine. It may also be associated with an engine overspeed event. Possible causes Failed turbo Leaking injectors Variable speed fan clutch failure Mis-machined flywheel crank sensor triggering at the wrong time depends on build date If an overspeed event was set, depending on how high the engine went to, the oil pan may need to be removed to see if there's any internal damage.

There's a series of tests required to determine why the knock sensor fault set. When the code goes active it will shut down the engine and prevent it from starting until the code is cleared. The reason the code set needs to be corrected before releasing the truck to the customer because it can set and shut down the truck at any time, even while driving. Like it or not, this is something that needs to be taken to a dealer for proper diagnostics.

Today i check this truck but it got same three code, turbo, injector, fan working normal. Do you think TOSS is fail or not?

DT 466B tapping and knocking

Highly unlikely the TOSS has failed or it would be all the time. I can't give any diagnostic info without knowing exactly what the code is.

Two different paths for diagnostics depending on the exact fault. You can start blindly throwing parts at it if you want but I doubt you'll fix it without doing the diagnostics.

If you've cleared the codes to get it running and don't know the exact code, you will have to drive it until the code sets to find out exactly what the code is. Clearing the code will allow you to start the engine again but the codes are setting to prevent engine damage. I highly doubt the code will set with the engine idling all day long. It needs to be driven. I drove one for an hour before it finally shut down on me. Finally i try to test this truck on road, after 10 km engine automatic shutdown and red light come on, dash show engine stop, i check code it has one active code: SPNFMI 18 knock detected, unexpected fueling without demand.

Any SPN faults? Inspect piping for large amounts of oil. Is there a significant amount of oil present in the boost air piping? If yes the replace the turbo center section and clean the CAC. If they have oil, they need to be drained. Need results to proceed with more diagnostics. From "running km" to "release accelerator and set gear " when running fault code will set and engine stop.

Maxforce DT hard to start

Now sometime code appear and engine stop even truck at idle. If the above is correct, the next step is to perform Vehicle Speed Sensor testing by doing a low idle creep test.

Connect Servicemaxx. Start engine. Put in the lowest gear and let it idle while in gear with the vehicle moving. Don't touch the throttle pedal.

maxxforce dt fuel knock

If the code sets while in motion or during the creep test, replace the VSS. If the code does not set, a case file needs to be submitted to Navistar because the flow chart diagnostics does not continue after that step.Once logged in and you have uploaded your resume, it takes only a single click to bookmark any type of our content.

Bookmark this Unfortunately you need to be logged-in to use bookmark system. Login Register. The video tells the story on the running condition of this MaxxForce DT diesel engine.

International designed these engines to run on high pressure oil to hydraulically actuate each injector electronically by the on board computer which is separate from the fuel system which runs at 75 psi.

This engine sounds like it's running on one cylinder but in reality one cylinder is dead with way too much fuel entering the cylinder. To start these diesel engines they need 75 psi fuel pressure and psi injection control pressure supplied by the high pressure oil pump. At first it was a mystery so we had to decide what to check first. The only logical way to find this out was to pull all of the injectors for inspection.

The 6 injector turned out to be faulty only because of a failed seal washer which prevents compression to enter the injector sleeve in the cylinder head. The high pressure and heat proved too much for the o-ring seal on the injector body which keeps the fuel supply contained. Once the o-ring gave way compression entered the fuel supply system to the injector and aeration went into effect. This causes a severe miss since air compresses and proper injection comes to a dead stop. Even worse every time the engine is shut down fuel would run into the cylinder sitting on top of the piston until the next start up smoking out the exhaust and washing away oil lubrication on the cylinder walls.

This was a concern and now that we knew what the cause was it was time to think of a solution so it didn't happen again. The photo above displays a couple of the injectors. What is left of the washer is laying beside the leaking injector.

The sealing washer slides over the tip of the injector and is supposed to seal compression from entering the injector cavity. To avoid this from happening again we thought about the parts used to seal the injectors. They were aftermarket parts used out of the in-frame engine rebuild kit. This engine was rebuilt a short time ago We noticed the new seal kits we acquired from the dealer was a much better quality. So in the future we will go with original manufactured parts for injector resealing and apply loctite threadlocker to the injector hold down bolt.

It has a torque of 22 ft lbs and must not loosen off or this kind of failure will happen again. International diesel engine.

maxxforce dt fuel knock

MaxxForce 7 Engine Code JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

View as:. EGR Mixing Duct. OEM C1. The duct comes with a new Air intake heater. Make: Navistar International. Model: Mid Range Trucks and Buses. Engine: Maxxforce DT, 9, YEAR: Warranty: One year - 1, Miles. More Details. TamerX Air Compressor. Not a replacement, a real solution. Style: Vertical. Warranty: one Years 1, Miles. EGR Crossover Duct. OEM C Oil Pan Gasket Part C1. Oil Pan Gasket. This is an Origional Equipment Oil Pan gasket. Intake Gasket Part C1. Intake Gasket.Discussion in ' Trucks ' started by oceanobobSep 10, Log in or Sign up.

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My bob tail dump is a International with a B round injector pumpan Allison automatic, and a two speed rear axle.

maxxforce dt fuel knock

In the 17 years owned - put on 17, miles: about miles per year. Best year was miles! Economy w less work lowered annual miles to around Today it has 79, miles and hours. Here in the 'other than 49' State, we have to do opacity testing well, there is an exemption for one truck owners but I had it done a couple times just to see and it passes but is near the limit. Smoke, if any, is seen is black on acceleration or lugging, never blue or white.

Crankcase blow tube at idle shows small wisps once well heated up, cant say I looked at it under a load. A truck repair shop about miles away is the closest location for a test involving a chassis dyno and a flowmeter to check blowby and that is too far away as we are local insured only and truly that would be a long boring ride, so I never had the engine tested for that item.

I admittedly have been following the "if it runs it must be ok" philosophy when it comes to the fuel injectors and related parts. This goes against my grain and I am in the process of tooling up with an OTC compression tester and an injector puller from Kiene. The Event: Last weekend, doing a skip loader move w my trailer, was cruising at 50 to 55 on a two lane flat black top road, a notably loud tapping sound suddenly manifestedOnce logged in and you have uploaded your resume, it takes only a single click to bookmark any type of our content.

Bookmark this Unfortunately you need to be logged-in to use bookmark system. Login Register. So the first steps are simple like checking for obvious problems with the fuel injection and air intake system.

The fuel filters and air filter are exactly where you want to start. Totally acceptable but for the few or more who don't check the simple things first this is for you. I'm saying this with a smile on my face by the way. Recently I talked to one of the dealer techs and he told me about the soot build up that actually slows down turbo rpms causing a loss of power. The main cause of this is a plugged up engine crankcase breather. A service kit is available for the MaxxForce DT diesel engines that allows mechanics to disassemble the low pressure and high pressure turbocharger on the compressor side intake and remove the soot buildup.

One tip I caught wind of was to check the crankcase breather with a stethoscope you can hear the internal breather wheel turning after the engine is shut down.

This indicates the breather is still operational. The kit has o-rings and clamps along with a carb cleaner spray that helps to loosen the soot off of the compressor wheel.

Injector O-ring Kit for Dt466e / Dt570 Maxxforce Dt/9/10 Set of 6

I recommend Kleen Flo which works great with a soft brush. Even an old tooth brush works. Once you see how bad the soot and carbon build up is you'll understand clearly why there is a loss of power. This build up actually slows down the turbocharger and causes sluggish launches and poor performance under load with no codes showing up. The Photo below shows the soot build up before cleaning.

Any kind of carb cleaner spray works well. Click on the photo to enlarge it to get a better idea how much of the soot collects on the compressor wheel. The turbo piping has to be removed from the compressor side along with the connections to the engine crankcase breather. Once the 2 housing are removed the clean up can be done easily.

All of the piping has to be cleaned up as well. Since the cause of this was excessive oil being drawn into the intake system the engine crankcase breather has to be replaced. Once it fills up the wheel that separates the oil and vapour can't do it's job. Now that this has happened to us we will be replacing the breather once a year. It's also recommended to check the air filter for any restriction.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jan 25, 1. I have a workstar 4x4 with a DT engine.

It developed a miss then over the period of a couple of hours it stop running altogether. It cranks over barely starts and shuts right down-it never really starts and it has bad fuel knock. It puts out fault codes for injector shorts SPN FMI 2 ECL In range circuit fault 5 Injector 3 open coil open circuit 3 Injector control group 2 open coil short 5 Injector 1 close coil open circuit 5 Injector 2 close coil open circuit 5 Injector 3 close coil open circuit We have done a resistance check from the plug on the ECM and all the injector circuits tested fine The wire loom in the valve cover had a bit of oil in the plugs so we replaced it and it still wont run We checked fuel pressure at the pump and had 70psi Any though or help on this would be great.

Last edited: Jan 25, Nick NZJan 25, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

Jan 25, 2. Check each injector at the injector harness for any shorts to ground.

maxxforce dt fuel knock

Must be completely open, no resistance at all. Check each pin on the injector harness to ground. HeavydJan 25, Nick NZ Thanks this. Jan 25, 3. We have checked them at the injectors and the harness and they test fine. The faults for the injectors are active when the ignition is first turned on and you hear the injector buss but if the ignition is turned of and back on the faults go to previously active.

It seems strange for 3 injectors crap them self's in a matter of hours and trying to find info here in New Zealand is very hard. Not many of these things around. Jan 25, 4. A little different IH here would through different cylinder injector codes and misfire at times. Blow a fuse, crank but not start at times. Through some Alison codes at times. Between what the dealer had done and things I told them were short term fixes they chased it to a harness, one the right side of the bell housing.

It had been over heated by the exhaust and had internal damage. I have no idea how that could be related to injector codes.

BoxCarKiddJan 25, Jan 26, 5. Ok, some non-Navistar diagnostic programs report injector faults erroneously. They could be ghost codes.

What is your fuel delivery pressure? Is the actual Injection control pressure matching injection control pressure desired? HeavydJan 26, BoxCarKidd Thanks this.Examples of Common Rail Injector seat damage. This damage will cause fuel to pass by and make a common rail injector system on an engine hard to crank.

All diesel engines are not made the same, but the information listed below is a generic cause and effect list of items to check for when diagnosing diesel engine trouble. Newer engines have High Pressure Common Rail pumps and injectors, and some of this information is geared to that fuel system. Low engine compression will result in insufficient heat being generated to ignite the fuel and cause hard starting. This is more of a problem with older or high mileage vehicles.

To find out the compression, perform a cold engine compression test.

Shop By Vehicle

Compression should be between 20 to 35 bars or to PSI. Anything below this will cause starting problems. It is in this area that most fuel supply problems occur. The best way to diagnose this is to look at the fuel supply in 3 areas. If the engine turns over too slowly, the pump cannot generate enough fuel pressure to activate start of injection causing hard starting problems.

This is usually seen more in the colder months especially if the battery is run down. Check your battery voltage and starter to make sure they are working correctly. The engine depends on the glow plugs to generate heat to help with the combustion cycle.

Problems in this area will cause diesel engine starting problems, uneven running and white smoke when the engine is cold. We have seen a fuel tank with a shop rag in it which stopped up the fuel line out of the tank. If you are not sure about the fuel supply, put clear hose from a fresh tank of diesel and run it to the feed pump or injection pump.

This will bypass all hoses and filter bases and will let you know if there is a problem in that area.

The fuel tank breather can sometimes be blocked causing a vacuum in the tank which in turn draws the fuel back to the tank. The topic of fuel quality and contamination solutions is controversial. Working with diesel injectors we see the result of poor fuel quality- damage to the internal components. I know that if a good quality diesel and additive solution is used regularly, it will prolong the life of diesel injection equipment.

Poor fuel quality and general wear and tear are not the only cause of injector failure. The newer types of common rail injectors sometimes fail due to design problems. This is similar to insufficient fuel supply, but dirty fuel filters or a faulty filter head assembly may also cause fuel supply issues and hard starting.

Air getting into the filter base through cracks in the filter base, loose hoses, or fuel filters not seating correctly will cause problems also.

Probably the biggest result of injector failure for Common Rail injectors is due to the injectors having excessive return flow or back leakage. This is due to worn parts which allow excessive fuel to go through the diesel injector and to return back to the tank or fuel system.

Another problem resulting from worn parts is a delay in the start of injection which in turn results in rough running at low RPM or your diesel engine not starting. If the high pressure pump is faulty, there will be a low fuel pressure problem on the injector rail. Normally this causes damage to the diesel injectors. If this is not corrected, the problem will arise again. This is an expensive failure and no short cuts can be taken.

For Common Rail systems that have metal damage, it is recommend that the fuel rail, fuel lines, and injectors be replaced. Most vehicles have a pressure regulator fitted on the high pressure pump and a sensor fitted on the rail.

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